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Billing FAQs:

How long does it take to get my server after I order?

As soon as payment is processed, your server information is sent to you within via e-mail. You will receive 2 e-mails. These emails will contain your billing information and server information. Please feel free to save these emails for your personal records.

How do I cancel my service?

To cancel, please send in a ticket through your billing system requesting your cancelation. Your cancellation will be automatically processed. Please note that you still must cancel your PayPal subscription in addition to canceling via our billing system to prevent being automatically billed (if paying with PayPal). Other payment processors (such as Google Checkout) do not bind you to subscriptions.

Will I have to pay manually each month?

Currently you will be set to an automatic subscription if paying with PayPal. Other payment processors will require you to manually pay. Of course you can also opt to manually pay with your paypal account.

How do I upgrade or downgrade?

MainVoice Communications allows you to upgrade at any time. Simply send in a ticket through our billing system or log on to our live support and request your upgrade/downgrade. There is no fee for a downgrade and your monthly invoice will be automatically lowered. To upgrade you must pay a prorated invoice that will be generated in your billing area, once paid your service will be upgraded. Please note that your invoice will be set to the new upgraded price once it's due.

My payment canceled after it failed through Paypal?

You can easily reactivate your payment by logging into your billing area and manually paying for your outstanding invoice.

My server went down and shows it's suspended?

This usually means your payment has failed. You can easily fix this issue by logging into your billing area and paying the invoice that has been overdue. Note that MainVoice Communications saves all server information (including port and hostname) for up to 6 months. Simply pay for your invoice in your billing area at any time for these 6 months and have your old server back online with all your configurations still saved to it.

Can I change my Hostname to a Custom Hostname?

MainVoice Communications offers you a list of custom hostnames for free! However we also allow you to switch and change yours as much as you want to whatever you want. To do this you must log into your billing area and request us to change the hostname to your needs. This may take some time to resolve depending on your ISP.

Can I change my server Port?

MainVoice Communications gives you the option to change your server port if; the server port you are looking for is available and you have a reasonable explanation to why you wish to have the change.

Ventrilo FAQs:

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Teamspeak FAQs:

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Can't find your voice server or billing question? Simply send in a ticket through your billing area and we will answer it for you.