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Teamspeak Teamspeak (also known as TS) is a communications tool that uses the internet as a highway for delivering clear communication. Teamspeak was originally targeted toward the gaming community. This software was made for increasing the communication in online games. However, the same possibilities with games became very useful with business. This software created a revolution in the multiplayer gaming around a couple of years back. Before Teamspeak all gamers knew of was in game voice commands.



Ventrilo Ventrilo (also known as Vent) is a voice communication program allowing users to connect to a central server and chat with other users much like a conference call. This is essentially voice over IP technology, and in video game terms can often mean the difference between a successful raid run and or a complete wipe. Ventrilo users can count on no lag, amazing codecs and great stable performance. Ventrilo is definitely one of the industry's leading players in VoIP.


Atlanta, Georgia

Teamspeak3 Server in Atlanta, Georgia
Chicago, Illinois

Teamspeak3 Server in Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas

Ventrilo Server in Dallas, Texas Teamspeak3 Server in Dallas, Texas
Los Angeles, California

Teamspeak3 Server in Los Angeles, California
New York, New York

Teamspeak3 Server in New York, New York
San Jose, California

Ventrilo Server in San Jose, California
Seattle, Washington

Teamspeak3 Server in Seattle, Washington
Washington, DC

Ventrilo Server in Washington, DC
Amsterdamn, Netherlands

Ventrilo Server in Amsterdamn, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany

Teamspeak3 Server in Frankfurt, Germany
London, England

Teamspeak3 Server in London, England

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